Marina Smith
Marina SmithCreative Director
Marina has worked in the design industry for more than two decades on hundreds of successful projects. She’s worked with top companies as a designer in the studio environment, as department lead in the corporate environment and as a consultant. She spent a decade overseeing brand development and design of the largest privately held company in Washington State.

Kevin Smith
Kevin SmithUsability Analyst
While Kevin is not in the office every day, he is a very valuable part of MSD. His days are spent at his main gig—in a well equipped Usability Lab at Safeco in downtown Seattle. The insights he’s gathered there are integrated in every web project at MSD. Kevin’s passion for function and proven usability practices are always foundational. In addition his degree in Technical Communication aids him in writing/editing clear content—he has the ability to make the complex easy to understand. He is also our resident espresso aficionado and keeps the office well-fueled on hand-crafted coffee. 

Meet Our Partners!

Marina Smith Design teams up with seasoned leaders offering proven expertise in complementary disciplines—web development, digital strategy, social and content generation. This means you get the best people, a seamless experience and you only pay for what you really need.

Strategic Partners

Paul Clark
Paul ClarkLead Developer
Paul is a seasoned developer with 17 years experience in creative applications and 10 years experience in web programming and team management. He has built a lot of really cool websites with WordPress, and is a prolific speaker. Recently, he released a plugin named Styles that extends the capability of the WordPress Theme Customizer. Paul co-founded Brainstorm Media which was recently acquired by 10up where he now serves as Director of Business Development. See more of what Paul is up to.
Roger Maddox
Roger MaddoxDeveloper
Whether you need custom development, a custom database solution, a WordPress site, Windows, Linux or a user-friendly Content Management System, you are in good hands with Roger. He started  Web Foundry 11 years ago and has been consulting on projects large and small ever since. When he’s not creating magic with code Roger can be found cycling to all sorts of intriguing destinations!
Emily Aichle
Emily AichleCopywriter
Emily has a knack for telling a story — the kind of story that makes you laugh or cry or click a button to do something about it. She is a a joy to work with and can turn a story around in nothing flat. There’s not a lot of thumb twiddling with Emily, she is also a Crossfit Trainer with her husband at The Compound. I do NOT advise a pushup competition.
Greg Guenther
Greg GuentherSocial Media
If you’re looking for reach Greg is your guy. With years of expertise in Social, SEO, Digital Marketing and strategy, he can do more with a Facebook and Pinterest page than you would dare to imagine. He has led a variety of organizations including CEO and COO positions and holds an MBA from the University of Chicago.
DukeHospitality & Collections Department
Duke is the official greeter here at MSD and always hopes you have a treat. He is also handy as a foot warmer under the desk in the winter months and can give quite the intimidating growl to those with past due invoices.
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